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When Disaster Strikes – What is Your Plan?

When disaster strikes, it is essential for your business to be able to recover IT systems as quickly as possible. Having a robust business continuity plan can mean avoiding potentially huge financial costs, reputation loss, and impact to your employees and customers. Whether it be a natural disaster, terrorism, or simply a service provider outage, it is imperative to have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. The City of Calgary learned this the hard way in 2013, when many companies were left totally inoperable for extended periods of time due to major flooding. Since then, DR has become an essential and much-talked about topic for any businesses budget, but what does a DR plan look like?   First off, much like […]

How Are New Customers Finding Your Business?

Obtaining new customers is a difficult task. Marketing, website development, lead generation, digital presence – it can all seem a bit daunting (and expensive). Taking a step back to look at the ways in which potential customers find your business, and how you can improve the process, can give you a much-needed advantage to stay ahead in the playing field.   Website Can a potential customer find your website through a search? Once on your website, what is their experience? Is it an easy to navigate and professional looking site, or is it convoluted and missing information? Putting yourselves in your customer’s shoes when viewing your website can be a sobering experience. Websites are a pivotal part in people’s buying […]