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Digital Transformation – Reshaping the Customer Experience

Bad customer experiences can affect nearly every business, portraying your company as disjointed and out of touch. Even companies claiming to have a customer-first culture can sadly miss the mark and, therefore, miss out on the opportunity to leave customers with a “wow” experience.   What are the touchpoints with your company for customers? What challenges do they present? In the digital world where customer experience is king, competition is less about lower prices and product features. The dawn of the mobile and social age has brought with it a new power – the power for customers to have ultimate control over who they should be giving their money to, and what they expect for it. A customer will be […]

Wannacry Ransomware: Only the Beginning?

The Wannacry Ransomware Incident, by far the most devastating cyberattack ever, has made headlines all over the world, attacking over 150 countries and 200,000 Windows machines. After such a widespread incident we are left with many questions; How did this happen, who is behind the attack, and how can I protect myself? Perhaps most importantly, is this just the beginning?   How Did This Happen? This specific strain of Ransomware took advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows – it is important to note that it only affected computers that were not securely patched / updated. A security patch was released in March, but machines not recently updated were left vulnerable.   Who Is Behind the Attack? It is unsure […]

The Age of The Virtual CIO Is Here

The Age of The Virtual CIO Is Here – Is Your Business Ready For It? If you are small to a mid-sized company it is vital that you consider having a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO). A Virtual CIO is the technology quarterback of your business responsible for establishing technology roadmaps. They provide your company strategic IT direction while working within a budget by using checkpoints along the way through reviews and reports on the state of your company’s technology and IT department. How to Have a Cost Effective Virtual CIO It isn’t feasible for a lot of companies to employ their very own dedicated Virtual CIO with a salary ranging from $150-250K per year. However, outsourcing a vCIO has […]

“Hey, all I need is a solution out there that I connect to and then everything else is fine.”

We hear this statement all the time but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There is real value in a secure cloud platform and IT service provider. We don’t just provide the solution in the cloud. We handle the client on-site environment and support the connectivity to the solution. We support the devices that are used to connect to the cloud. Most businesses still have an office space that they operate from where they have computers, printers, scanners, wireless networks, etc… We help to avoid the capital expenditure of replacing servers and expensive Microsoft software on a regular basis. Office 365 in no way addresses the support of that environment, whereas for us, if you’ve got a problem on […]

The Importance of Infrastructure Support

You have decided to purchase or subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 based on an educated decision about what will best suit your business needs. What about your infrastructure support? While the Microsoft Office 365 price tag is cheaper it doesn’t offer the infrastructure support and security that many companies need. In this case, there is a risk involved especially in, say a legal organization setting. For example, legal companies often have customizations, Word macros, Word templates and automated processes to make their work more efficient. While the most basic version of Office 365 comes with the ability to save data using Microsoft’s cloud storage, the challenge is that it is somewhat convoluted. Microsoft has a very unclear process of what […]

Microsoft Office 365

As a business owner, one of the more important decisions you make is which office applications and services you use to run your company and the infrastructure and security of that software. One of the more prevalent application systems is Microsoft Office 365. While it would seem like a straightforward investment to make there are some important aspects to consider before diving into your purchase. Should you purchase Microsoft Office outright or subscribe on a monthly basis? Another important consideration is whether you have an administration system in place to manage your storage process? Is Microsoft’s default storage system the right fit? Or is a private cloud solution a better option? Terry Rowsell of Frontier Solutions breaks down the different […]

Why you need to choose a proactive IT provider today?

Does your IT support provide a traditional break-fix service? Having someone there to help you out if something goes wrong is essential to any business, but you could save time and money by working with a provider who not only performs those day-to-day functions but also is able to look at problems from a proactive perspective.  You want your provider to say “How can we have prevented this from happening in the first place?” Because even though your IT provider may be able to fix the problem, there’s still downtime associated with every problem that’s experienced. The goal is to minimize a number of problems that you have. What is downtime?  Downtime is when you are not able to perform […]

Freedom from frustrations.

There are a number of key frustrations that businesses experience in terms of IT. They vary from, “Who do I call when I have a problem, why is my technology not functioning? To “I invested all this money in IT and now it’s not performing” or a common one is  “My help desk or my IT support person is not getting back to me in a timely fashion,” Due to lack of IT expertise, businesses don’t know what to do or who to turn to when these questions arise. Why are these problems frustrating? These issues are frustrating because they translate to downtime for the business, resulting in loss of work hours, lack of productivity and often loss of money. […]

Top 10 IT frustrations

  Or … How getting the right IT provider can help you deal with your top 10 IT frustrations. IT is an essential part of any business, however as a business owner the likelihood is that your specialism is in your business sector not IT. Getting your IT services right is essential to the productivity and security of your business. Terry Rowsell from Frontier Solutions takes us through the top 10 IT frustrations experienced by business and how a good IT provider can combat them with expertise and a proactive approach. 1. Repeat problems. Problems that occur time and again or problems not fixed properly the first time can be a major frustration in the workplace. Your IT provider needs […]

The Consequences of Losing Your Business Data

Data loss is a major challenge to the business world. Everyone is at risk. Even if you haven’t been affected, you are not safe.  If you didn’t know, hundreds of businesses are closed each year owing to data loss. A Gartner report estimates that 70% of small businesses that experience data loss close their doors permanently within 12 months. This is a big number. But it’s even worse in medium-sized companies where 94% of businesses that encounter serious data loss usually go out of business, 43% never open again, and 51% close down within two years of the incident.  The above report also indicates that of all businesses that lose data for more than 10 days, 93% end up filing […]