Calgary Managed Services Provider

Do you ever feel that your IT partner isn’t fully invested in finding a solution that works? Perhaps you wonder if they leave work to do so that they can charge you more down the road. This is a common frustration when you are working on a “Pay As You Go” model. Not only can it lead to nasty large bills when something goes horribly wrong, but you might be getting overly concerned with how they are spending their time and what IT problem is going to crop up next.

Overall, the “Pay As You Go” model focuses on a more reactive than proactive approach, and can decrease your overall efficiency, add a lot of stress to your workplace and leave you wondering why the cost of the support was more than the cost of the actual project.

If I’m paying for them to set the network up right, why am I spending so much money for them to fix the problems that keep popping up?

Frontier’s Affordable Fixed Cost Approach for IT Support

Because Frontier Solutions offers IT support to Calgary businesses on a fixed monthly fee model, we have the added incentive to ensure that you have trouble-free operations and minimal down time. Think about it. The more Frontier Solutions is called upon to support you, the less profitable our solutions become. We call it “having skin in the game” because our goals are 100% aligned with yours:

Keeping Your IT Environment Running Smoothly & Up to Date at Affordable Rates

This model also allows you to spread your IT costs over the year and get continuous proactive support. This way there are no HUGE bills or hidden costs to fix IT problems down the road.
The benefits of this type of approach for you are:

Reduced Downtime

We are constantly monitoring your systems to solve problems BEFORE they cause an issue. As one of the leading Calgary technology companies, Frontier Solutions will work with you to create a proactive IT Strategy (LINK) to replace aging equipment before it gives out on you.

Enhanced Performance

Our experienced IT technicians in Calgary are motivated to keep your systems running at their very best. That keeps disruptions down in your office from constantly having a technician onsite fixing problems and allows your employees to do their job!

Fixed cost on IT Support

Our services are a fixed monthly fee. That way you can tailor your IT needs to your budget and know that Frontier Solutions is on hand to keep things running smoothly so that you don’t experience those big repair bills!

How Frontier Solutions Supports Your IT Environment

Frontier Solutions keeps your systems patched and updated, monitors your network for malware and provides helpdesk support for day to day issues through:

  • Management and monitoring of all your servers, desktops, notebooks, etc.

  • Backup and local disaster recovery of critical systems

  • Antivirus and Spam management

  • Helpdesk support including Active Directory and user management changes

  • On-site support where required

  • Remote access management

  • Technology and budget planning