Mary is a busy lady, with one of her many tasks being to ensure the company’s computer systems, networks, printers and IT operations run like a well-oiled machine. Any hiccups, and Mary hears about it from her co-workers and REALLY hears about it from her boss.

While Mary can often use her “IT smarts” to fix the issues her co-workers run into on a temporary basis, she does need help with the ‘bigger picture’ IT problems that impact a company’s productivity. Problems like viruses, setting up an office, network issues and updates to computer systems.

Her reputation and yearly bonus are dependent on keeping the office’s computer systems running, because her co-workers spend most of their day in front of a computer screen. Any work time lost because of problems, well that’s money out of the company’s pockets, as well as potential damage to the company’s reputation. And money and reputation are two things a company never wants to lose.

Some of the frustrations Mary has run into over the years are:

  • Half-trained staff who get labeled “IT Guy” because they took a computer science class in university

  • Co-workers knocking on her door when gremlins take the network down, then staring over her shoulder as she tries to fix it

  • Co-workers “accidentally” downloading a paralyzing virus

  • Printer problems – who knows why that document doesn’t want to print

  • Moving office space at 11:30pm and working until 3:00am, so that it is up and running the next day

  • Co-workers requesting to work from home, then calling her everyday because something isn’t working right

  • The “on call” IT guy talking down to her and using 17 letter words to explain the problem

  • The one IT guy goes away on holidays or is sick, thus bringing the company to its knees when a problem arises

  • A disaster hits, and nothing is backed up on the system.

  • Slow running computers that leave staff spending 30% of their day waiting for documents and webpages to load

  • IT companies quoting a price, and then asking for another $1000 to fix the problem

  • IT companies that are never around when you need them

These problems and more are just some of the problems we’ve helped Mary with over the years. She represents many of our clients, so you’ll find images of Mary through out our website.

If you can relate to Mary, then give us a call at 403-251-4402, because we can relate to you.