Freedom from frustrations.

There are a number of key frustrations that businesses experience in terms of IT. They vary from, “Who do I call when I have a problem, why is my technology not functioning? To “I invested all this money in IT and now it’s not performing” or a common one is  “My help desk or my IT support person is not getting back to me in a timely fashion,” Due to lack of IT expertise, businesses don’t know what to do or who to turn to when these questions arise. Why are these problems frustrating? These issues are frustrating because they translate to downtime for the business, resulting in loss of work hours, lack of productivity and often loss of money. […]

Top 10 IT frustrations

  Or … How getting the right IT provider can help you deal with your top 10 IT frustrations. IT is an essential part of any business, however as a business owner the likelihood is that your specialism is in your business sector not IT. Getting your IT services right is essential to the productivity and security of your business. Terry Rowsell from Frontier Solutions takes us through the top 10 IT frustrations experienced by business and how a good IT provider can combat them with expertise and a proactive approach. 1. Repeat problems. Problems that occur time and again or problems not fixed properly the first time can be a major frustration in the workplace. Your IT provider needs […]

The Consequences of Losing Your Business Data

Data loss is a major challenge to the business world. Everyone is at risk. Even if you haven’t been affected, you are not safe.  If you didn’t know, hundreds of businesses are closed each year owing to data loss. A Gartner report estimates that 70% of small businesses that experience data loss close their doors permanently within 12 months. This is a big number. But it’s even worse in medium-sized companies where 94% of businesses that encounter serious data loss usually go out of business, 43% never open again, and 51% close down within two years of the incident.  The above report also indicates that of all businesses that lose data for more than 10 days, 93% end up filing […]

IT Security Firm Highlights Danger of Pokemon Go to Canadian Business

Society is well and truly in the grip of Pokemon fever or, more specifically, Pokemon Go fever. This apparently benign augmented-reality game is a huge hit in Canada, and is installed on more than 6% of Android devices in the country. However, a Calgary-based firm of IT experts is warning how the nature of the application could render it a danger to business. Earlier this month, Frontier Solutions published an article detailing the potential dangers associated with Pokemon Go, and explaining why business owners should be very wary of the app. Like many cutting-edge applications, Pokemon Go thrives off the information we feed into it. Once installed, the app will request permission to access user location, contacts, camera and stored […]

Free Cloud Storage Services are a Security Risk

Free Cloud Storage Services are a Security Risk to Businesses Recently, there have been reports indicating that free cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive may contain security risks, especially if used in the workplace, or for business purposes. One particular report by Black Hat, published in mid-2015, reveals that a man-in-the-cloud attack can allow unauthorized access to a user’s Dropbox or Google Drive account, allowing a hacker to steal data without the user noticing. Hackers can exploit similar loopholes to infect users with malware and viruses, posing serious security and data breach risks to businesses. How “Man in the Cloud” Attacks Work A man-in-the-cloud (MitC) attack is a form of eavesdropping in which an attacker intercepts and […]

Pokémon Go Exposes Businesses to Malware Attacks

Over the past few weeks, Pokémon Go has invaded the world. The outrageously popular augmented reality game has already surpassed dating app Tinder in number of downloads and is close to eclipsing Twitter in number of daily users.  Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, a former Google startup, and is currently owned by Nintendo. It was first launched in the USA on July 6, 2016 and became available in Canada four days later, on July 10, 2016. Incredibly, within just 24 hours of its entry into the country, more than 6% of Canadian android users had installed it.  However, there is another side of Pokémon Go that a lot of users may not be aware of. Security experts warn that […]

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Business IT Services

Digital has long since superseded analog, and yet, the importance of IT support services in our lives should not be understated. While many people are pioneering new tools in the realms of software, Internet marketing, online branding, and the cloud (the market for which should reach $79.1 billion by 2018), the experts who make all of this possible are often glossed over. We all take IT companies for granted — until something goes wrong. The fear of a crash or the need for a constant technological crutch drives some companies to actually form IT departments within their organizations, but the truth is that it’s actually better to outsource these services. Check out three of the most important reasons why managed […]

Macro viruses are recently making a comeback, often in the shape of ransomware attacks. Here's how you can protect yourself from malicious macro viruses.

Macros Viruses are Back – How to Protect Yourself

What are Macros? “Warning: This document contains macros.” If you started using computers back in the 90s, then you must have come across this message quite often.  A macro is a series of commands and actions that help to automate some tasks. These commands aren’t dangerous themselves. This explains why they are quite common in top-level organizations where they are used to automate repetitive tasks.  It saves these organizations time and money. Microsoft uses macros in its software, especially Word and Excel.  However, in spite of their time-saving potential, macros can also be extremely dangerous. Technically, anyone can write a macro to run malicious software on another person’s computer. When used this way, they become macro malware or a macro viruses. […]

Calgary IT Firm Advises Business to Guard Against Ransomware

Calgary IT Firm Advises Businesses to Guard Against Ransomware

In light of the recent massive cyber attack on Office 365 products, Calgary businesses utilizing Office and other software products need to prepare for and guard against threats posed by ransomware, advises Calgary IT specialist and Frontier Solutions Inc. President Terry Rowsell Ransomware is a type of malicious software that is designed to block access to a computer program, whether software or specific documents, until the owner of the program or document pays ransom to the perpetrator, whether in bitcoins or other currency. The so-called “Zero Day” attack perpetrated on Office 365 between March and June of 2016 by what has been dubbed “Cerber” malware, was reportedly spread mainly by phishing emails, complete with a “spooky” audio warning.  Phishing is […]

Email Management: 5 Tips to Do it Better, From

Email Management: 5 Tips to Do it Better

Email Management: 5 Tips to Do it Better Have you ever wondered how to deal with email clutter? Old emails can quickly get out of hand if they are not dealt with promptly. What began as a few dozen emails a day could turn into thousands of emails piled up in your inbox waiting for you to clean them out. Fortunately, here are some email management tips to clean things up and keep your inbox from getting overfilled without losing all of the valuable information contained in those messages. 1. Use the Trash Bin Effectively Despite the fact that you are trying to avoid erasing important information, using your trash bin correctly is the key to keeping your inbox uncluttered. […]