Cerber Ransomware Attacks Office 365 Users

Attention! To view this document, please turn on the Edit mode and click Enable Content Button! If you get this message above, don’t click enable! A new ransomware is targeting Office 365 users by locking down important documents and demanding a ransom of 1.4 bitcoins (or about $500).  Cerber is spread mainly through phishing emails and holds photos, documents and other encrypted files hostage until you pay to have them released via a decryption key.  The Cerber ransomware was first detected on June 23, 2016. Tips to avoid being taken hostage:  Make sure your antivirus software is updated  Educate your staff on ransomware and how to avoid phishing emails  DON’T PAY THE RANSOM! Contact us to set up training to educate […]

Demystifying the Cloud

In a recent Wakefield survey; Half of the respondents said that stormy weather could interfere with cloud computing. Another 22% said that while they pretended to understand cloud computing, in truth, they didn’t know how it works. But the most interesting finding from the survey was that most cloud users didn’t even recognize that they were in the cloud! At least 54% of respondents said that they had never used cloud technology but – by looking closely at their activities – it was obvious that more than 95% of them were already using the cloud. What these findings tell us is that a majority of people don’t yet fully understand cloud computing, never mind its potential benefits. And that’s the […]

University of Calgary Hit by Malware Infection

Safe Browsing + Risk Awareness = User Awareness. User awareness is one of the most effective means to prevent malware attacks. In addition to having a multi-layered security solution, Frontier Solutions relies on educating its clients to combat malicious attacks. Take action today to keep your business out of the headlines tomorrow. University of Calgary representatives told CBC News they have resolved part of the issue: “It is now safe to use UCalgary-issued computers to access available UCalgary networks and applications,” officials said in a release. “There are a number of users who remain impacted by the malware and they will not be able to access any UCalgary systems.”   UPDATE: Univeristy of Calgary recovered the encrypted files after paying $20, 000 ransom the hackers Check out the […]

The New Threat of Ransomware

It’s a normal work day. You get your morning coffee and sit down at your desk. You start up your computer and begin to sift through your emails. One of them sticks out. It reads, “PAYMENT OVERDUE.” Worried, you open the email and make the mistake of clicking the link. Your computer is now infected by ransomware. There is a good chance that could still work your day away without knowing that your computer has been infected while the virus does its job behinds the scenes. Only until you attempt to access a file will you realize that they have been encrypted. Cryptowall, one of the most common types of ransomware, will actually “congratulate” you for becoming a part of […]

5 Lessons the Panama Papers Can Teach Us

Businesses, both small and big, have been very casual about data security. Up to very recently, a majority of investors didn’t even care about the security of their data. With their investment portfolios in the hands of very “capable” lawyers, they assumed that all was fine. Then the Panama Papers breach struck! What might have gone wrong? How did 2.6TB worth of data get stolen from a computer system without the gatekeepers noticing? According to the Computer Business Review, the scandal started in early 2015 when an anonymous source contacted a popular German Newspaper offering encrypted documents from Mossack Fonseca – the implicated Panamanian law firm. Over the next year, more and more documents were leaked to the newspaper. By […]

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Safe Internet Browsing and Malware

How do you make a hacker happy? In 2015, victims of ransom-ware paid $ 325,000,000 to cyber criminals to regain access to their critical corporate data. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to ransomware due to ineffective security and a lack of awareness. You need to be concerned about the security of your network. Employee work practices and lack of security awareness can be the biggest threat to your company’s most valued asset – corporate data. Malware (software designed to gather information about a user without their permission) has evolved to become a primary means of revenue for cyber criminals. See our Infographic below   Complimentary Security Audit We rely on educating our customers and having a multi-layered security solution in place […]

Is The Cloud Secure?

The No. 1 question that pops into people’s heads when looking at Cloud Services is how secure is the Cloud? After all, no one wants hackers getting their businesses’ information. That leads to a lot of business downtime and PR nightmares. Frontier Solutions data centre isn’t located in a different country or time zone. It’s strategically located in North East Calgary, enabling quick access to make additions and changes when necessary. Certified technicians monitor the network and your IT infrastructure at the data centre to ensure smooth operations and optimum performance. Physical access security including two-factor authentication along with 100% CCTV video monitoring ensures that only authorized personnel gain access to the secure data centre area. Frontier Solutions data centre […]

What are Cloud Services?

The simple answer to this complex question is Cloud Services allow you to “rent” server space for your programs, files, and email accounts in a different location than your office, rather than owning and maintaining these costly servers in-house. You can then access all your information anywhere where you have an Internet connection and on any device you choose – phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. Being able to have access to your businesses information from virtually anywhere allows you and your employees the freedom to work from virtually anywhere. It also gives you an off-site back-up of all your important documents should something happen to your computer or from unforeseen elements in your workplace like fire, flood and theft.