Do You Need A Managed IT Service Provider?

As your business evolves, sometimes the partnerships that have formed no longer match your business goals and objectives. Perhaps this is where you find yourself with your current IT staff member or provider.

The thought of changing your IT support can be daunting. It’s understandable that you’d put it off for as long as possible to minimize disruption to your business. However, no amount of misplaced loyalty or fear of change is worth an angry boss who can’t access their emails for the third time this month, a catastrophic security breach or finding out that your data backups have been failing consistently.

Change can be risky but with productivity, security and growth at stake, sticking with the status quo can be scarier. You want to make sure you choose an IT partner who works with you to get the most out of your technology investment and who is focused on helping you reach your goals through innovative technology solutions.

Ongoing IT Support (Managed IT Services) Is Where Frontier Shines

As one of the leading Information Technology companies in Calgary, we have been providing Managed Service Support to Calgary’s business community since 1995.

At Frontier Solutions, we see ourselves as more than an ‘IT Shop’; we strive to become your trusted
technology advisor. By helping our clients understand and implement the technology systems that will drive more value to their organization we become more than just a ‘computer guy’.

Our managed service approach is a continuous cycle of consulting – implementation – support.

Since your business needs and technology constantly change, we need to periodically review the role various systems and processes within your company. By going through some regularly scheduled consulting engagements, we can better understand the challenges you face and address them in a timely manner.