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IT Security Firm Highlights Danger of Pokemon Go to Canadian Business

Society is well and truly in the grip of Pokemon fever or, more specifically, Pokemon Go fever. This apparently benign augmented-reality game is a huge hit in Canada, and is installed on more than 6% of Android devices in the country. However, a Calgary-based firm of IT experts is warning how the nature of the application could render it a danger to business. Earlier this month, Frontier Solutions published an article detailing the potential dangers associated with Pokemon Go, and explaining why business owners should be very wary of the app. Like many cutting-edge applications, Pokemon Go thrives off the information we feed into it. Once installed, the app will request permission to access user location, contacts, camera and stored […]

Calgary IT Firm Advises Business to Guard Against Ransomware

Calgary IT Firm Advises Businesses to Guard Against Ransomware

In light of the recent massive cyber attack on Office 365 products, Calgary businesses utilizing Office and other software products need to prepare for and guard against threats posed by ransomware, advises Calgary IT specialist and Frontier Solutions Inc. President Terry Rowsell Ransomware is a type of malicious software that is designed to block access to a computer program, whether software or specific documents, until the owner of the program or document pays ransom to the perpetrator, whether in bitcoins or other currency. The so-called “Zero Day” attack perpetrated on Office 365 between March and June of 2016 by what has been dubbed “Cerber” malware, was reportedly spread mainly by phishing emails, complete with a “spooky” audio warning.  Phishing is […]