Are You Moving Your Calgary Business?

Moving a business to a new location whether it is in a new building or just to another floor in the same building can be full of challenges. You can’t afford to miss calls, emails or opportunities due to system downtime.

Your IT infrastructure is vital to the operations of your business and minimizing disruption is critical. Being one of the leading IT companies in Calgary, Frontier Solutions recognizes the importance of advance planning and has developed an IT Move checklist to help you avoid pitfalls along the way.


With an office moving checklist you can minimize down-time and build greater efficiency into your organization from the start. Your preparation and organization can make the difference between a move that feels like a disruption and one that presents new opportunities for growth.

How Frontier Solutions Can Help With Moving Your Computers & Network

We offer a combination of networking and technology solutions and our team has extensive experience in helping companies with office moves. We work with you through the entire process by:

  • Helping you plan and prepare for an upcoming office move in Calgary

  • Working with you to design an IT infrastructure for your new space.

  • Moving & setting up your computers and network on your schedule even if that means non-business hours