In today’s hi-tech world, having up to date hardware and software is key to ensuring your Calgary business thrives.
Let Frontier Solutions give you a free report card on how well your
IT environment is doing – FREE OF CHARGE

Our full network inspection includes:

  • Taking an inventory of all your hardware and software, including your servers, computers, printers and applications

  • Checking the age and health of your equipment and applications

  • Looking at whether or not the different elements of your network are working correctly and efficiently

  • Identifying where you’re having the most IT issues – i.e. slow speed, viruses, spyware, etc.

  • Looking at your server logs to uncover problems and conflicts that could turn into unexpected down-time

  • Answering ANY questions you have

Because of our thorough process we’re able to understand everything that is going on with your network. With our audit we will create a “technology snapshot” and sit down and review it with you. In plain English, we will explain how your network is operating now and how you can improve it to save you both money and time in the future.

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