The Frontier Approach; Discover, Educate, Implement and Respond

Frontier Solutions is more than just another Calgary IT company. We see ourselves as a trusted, strategic technology advisor to Calgary small and mid-size businesses. By helping you understand and implement the necessary technology that will drive more value into your organization, we can actually SAVE YOU MONEY and more importantly SAVE YOU DOWNTIME!

Our approach to your IT Strategy focuses on a continuous cycle of consulting, implementation, support.

Frontier Solutions’ approach to IT support is a four-step process, which promises a five-star client experience. Our process starts with DISCOVERING your IT environment and where the challenges and opportunities lie. We then EDUCATE you on the pros and cons of what needs to be done and suggest a path that fits your time and budget requirements. Next, we IMPLEMENT the agreed upon plan in a professional and friendly manner. And finally, we monitor your IT environment to ensure it is working efficiently and RESPOND quickly if there is an issue.

This approach may seem simple but its Frontier’s ability to deliver a top notch experience during this process that keeps surprises to a minimum, and guarantees our clients a high level of involvement and peace of mind in the work that we are doing.


The first step of our process is to get to know your IT system. To do this, we run a full IT audit, taking note of such things as:

  • an inventory of servers, computers, printers and applications.
  • the age and health of your equipment and applications
  • whether or not the different elements are networked efficiently
  • where you are having the most issues
  • what your future plans are for growth and technology
  • what your budget is for technology and IT support

This helps us understand important elements litse, where things are currently housed, how they are configured, what their inter-dependencies are, and their level of stability.
Through this process we may discover that some of your applications or equipment are “vintage” and require upgrades, or they may have built-in shortcomings that we know of based on our experience.

Discovery is a critical step and it’s essential that it be handled in a detailed and systematic fashion.


Once the discovery stage has been completed, we use the information we gathered to create a technology “snapshot” of your business. As opposed to 10-pages of technical jargon this is a 1-page high level report showing the status of the core components of your IT infrastructure – things like security, backup, disaster recovery and Exchange. This report enables you to understand and see your technology the same way that we do. From there we work with you to determine if there are any technical concerns or whether there’s any business risk.
The technology summary report is then used to generate a three-to-four year IT budget plan, so that with the tools and information we give you, you are able to manage and budget your ongoing IT needs.


The implementation stage is where Frontier Solutions shines. We use IT best practices to optimize performance and productivity of your IT environment and minimize downtime.

It is this stage that can cause a company the most amount of frustration with their Calgary IT partner. Common frustrations include

  • Not understanding what’s going on
  • A higher bill for services than expected
  • Disruptions in the workplace
  • Little control over the schedule.

Frontier Solutions works hard to alleviate these frustrations.

1.No Surprises

We work with you to make sure your current technology aligns with the technology plan we have discussed with you so you are clear on what we will be working on and that this is happening within the agreed upon budget.

2. Regular Meetings

Our client support representative will meet with you on an agreed upon schedule to review progress and to allow you to ask questions and share important changes.

3. Minimal Disruptions

Our extensive experience and knowledgeable staff enables us to implement solutions correctly the first time to keep disruptions to a minimum.

4. Flexible Schedules

We work with you to schedule convenient times to perform changes or upgrades.


No matter how proactive a company is with its IT, it is inevitable that problems will still arise. Typically, when something isn’t working right it affects the productivity of your staff. Common frustrations you could experience with a Calgary IT Company are:

  • No quick and easy way to contact IT support
  • A slow response time
  • A disinterested or condescending attitude from the support staff

The experience with Frontier Solutions is very different

1. Online Customer Portal

Our portal can be accessed from anywhere to provide instant access to our help desk system for ALL your staff.

2. Guaranteed Response Time

We respond to all help desk requests within one hour. Emergency requests are responded to within 15 minutes, and onsite support can be scheduled within 2 days.

3. Our Support Staff Are Humans

Frontier Solutions help desk staff have been trained to be listeners and problem solvers. When you call our office in Calgary, AB you can expect to be greeted by a courteous team member who is more concerned with solving your problem than speaking tech talk.