We’re Upgrading Our Technology

Today, technology changes faster than ever and you can easily be left behind. How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your business technology, and when it’s ok to hang on to older equipment? Upgrades are costly, and it’s natural to want to put off a large capital expense as long as possible. The decision to upgrade is a major one and requires significant due diligence.

There are 4 W’s that your company may want to consider prior to undertaking a major technology upgrade.

1. Why?

The very first question businesses should ask before spending any money or time on technology is, “why am I doing this?” If there is not a core business benefit to be gained, why do it in the first place?

2. What?

What costs do you need to consider as part of your technology budget? These break down into several categories:

  • Initial cost—hardware and software, and training
  • Ongoing cost—maintaining systems, including licenses for proprietary software, hosting, and support
  • Upgrade cost—cost of upgrades, and expected lifespan of systems/frequency of upgrades

3. Where?

Should you spend most of your technology budget on infrastructure, hosted applications, custom line-of-business
applications, or what? The answer to this depends a lot on your industry, but even more on your specific business. Generally, most businesses spend around half of their technology budget on infrastructure—computers, networking equipment, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

4. Who?

Finally, you need to decide who to help you implement technology in your business. Will you do it yourself? Do you use a hosted system? Do you hire a IT consultant to help?

Frontier Solutions has extensive experience assisting clients in upgrading their technology to improve business efficiency.

We can work with you:

  • to assess your needs,

  • create a technology “snapshot” that can also be used to create a 3 – 4 year plan that fits your budgets and other resources

  • present you with the pros and cons of different solutions so you can make the right solution for you

  • show you the estimated value a technology upgrade will bring to your organization.

  • implement and support agreed upon upgrades